Janos Consultants, founded by Ben Janowski in 1992, has specialized in the gem and jewelry industry.  Ben Janowski held senior management positions in major manufacturing companies over the prior 20 years. Those positions included Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Feature Enterprises; Manager, Diana Division, Krementz & Co.; and Vice President, Diamond Company of America.

In the course of his years in manufacturing, Ben developed and instituted customized programs for every channel of distribution; ran extensive product development and merchandising departments; developed sophisticated computer systems for product development, merchandising and pricing; and worked with retailers in every channel in coordinating and implementing programs.

Janos Consultants has been retained by dozens of companies in a wide range of projects. These include working on in-depth market analyses of the US market for De Beers and other major suppliers; extensive cooperation with foreign consultants on market trends; developing specialized sales and marketing programs for American and foreign manufacturers; and consulting to foreign suppliers on entering the American market.

Janos Consultants will often bring in other consultants in the course of a project where specialized skills are needed. These may be designers, advertising agencies, public relations firms, web site developers, packaging and display designers, etc. 

Ben has also conducted government-sponsored seminars in various countries that cover the wide range of issues involved in preparing to enter the US market. He has guest-lectured at the University of Antwerp, and has been speaker, panelist or presenter at various trade shows and symposia.

Ben has also written many articles and columns for leading trade publications around the world. He also writes a blog on industry issues (click on the link at the top of this page).

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