Ben Janowski, founder of Janos Consultants, has been providing service to the jewelry industry for two decades. 

Clients have come from every sector of the industry - from mining companies to retailers - and have sought assistance in many aspects of this unique industry. Ben applies his broad experience in program development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and systems to finding solutions.

The jewelry industry has undergone profound changes in the last thirty years that have greatly affected how business is conducted in the United States.  Success now and in the years to come requires cost-efficient processes and refined techniques that maximize market visibility and deliver a coherent and meaningful message to the public.

Many, if not most, companies in every part of the value chain, whether domestic or foreign, are now dealing with these issues, especially in America. The United States is still, by far, the largest consumer of jewelry in the world.  But it is a mature market, filled with global competitors.

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