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International attendees at UAMS lecture series - Antwerp
The Jwaneng mine in Botswana
​The services offered by Janos Consultants broadly fall into three categories:

Market analysis.

A company contemplates entry into the US market, a validation of existing programs, or desires to expand existing business, frequenty seeks independent assessment of market conditions.  This might be a review of existing market studies, or conducting a new survey.  Given a set of criteria, Janos Consultants will prepare a report of its findings, and, when appropriate, guidelines for restructuring present operations.

Project development.

Clients will retain Janos Consultants to assist in the development of new programs.  This may be a review of existing plans or programs already in progress, or the development of an entirely new approach based on the core objectives of the client. 

Such a process may need to address several aspects of the business, at times involving the development of a business plan for all or some key functions - product development, program conditions, establishing target markets, internal personnel and system requirements, timelines, sourcing, PR and advertising plans, and sales projections.

​Where needed, assistance is provided in implementation, which may include other outsourced skills, especially in PR, advertising, Web site development, and packaging.

Public speaking and lecturing. 

Ben Janowski is a frequent speaker or panelist at trade shows and symposia, generally addressing evolving trends and changes in the market, and his view on where the gem and jewelry industry might be headed.

He has also been invited by foreign governments, usually their trade and export departments, to present seminars on a range of issues in the gem and jewelry business.  

These seminars are usually full-day or two-day presentations, and cover such subjects as:

- US channels of distribution, how they have changed and what they demand from suppliers

- Program development for various channels

- Efficient and appropriate line development

- Pricing techniques

- Distribution challenges in the US market, and some options

- Proper use of PR, advertising and trade shows

- Internet applications and optimizing their use

and other related issues.

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Gold sandals, finger and toe stalls
Tomb of the 3 Foreign Wives
New Kingdom reign of Thutmose III 
18th dynasty
ca. 1479-1425 B.C.