Janos Consultants has been retained by dozens of companies since its inception.  In most cases, these clients have been suppliers to the industry, though there have been a few retailers as well.  

The work has primarily involved the assessment of a particular initiative, or set of objectives, in relation to the conditions and trends in the American jewelry market.  This would typically involve the development of a strategy that fits the strengths and capabilities of the client, and addresses real opportunities in the marketplace that have a viable future.

The specifics could entail a focused market study; development of a business and/or marketing plan; development of alternate plans and a guideline for execution of those plans; thorough budgeting; identifying new sources; a merchandising plan and product development criteria; and a wide range of other requirements.

Here are just a few examples of single-client projects.  (In many cases, we have been asked to keep client names private or to avoid detailed descriptions.)

De Beers.  A wide variety of studies were conducted over many years.  Most involved analysis of different aspects of the US market, with some based on surveys conducted by other agencies in the US.  

Penoles.  This major Mexican mining company sought to examine the advisability of a major entry into the silver jewelry manufacturing business, with the US as the primary market.

Gilan.  This Turkish luxury jeweler sought to open retail and wholesale businesses in the US.  We provided a full study on a range of options.  Gilan opened a salon in New York, then a Fifth Avenue store, and now has started sales at Saks.

Golay-Buchel.  This Swiss company needed a full assessment on the competitive situation for high-quality and fine-cut cubic zirconium in the US.  

Several US-based diamond companies.  These companies sought guidance on proper preparation for application to DTC (the trading arm of De Beers) for various products and marketing programs.

Major US-based jewelry manufacturing companies.  One company required an extensive reorganization of its product development and merchandising systems.  Another needed a careful analysis of a company it had acquired.  Others needed full presentations prepared for new proposals to retailers, including designing of program terms, packaging and profit analysis. 

Diamond manufacturing and retail center - UAE.  A new venture planned for Ras El-Khaimah (United Arab Emirates), an hour's drive north of Dubai, needed a preliminary study and conceptualization for a diamond cutting and retailing center.  

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