Ben Janowski has written over 100 articles and columns for a number of publication over the years.  He currently writes a blog (click on link at the top of this page).  He is frequently quoted in JCK, National Jeweler, IDEX, and other industry publications.

Listed below are a few from recent years that might be of interest.

Other articles and speeches can be forwarded on request.  Many can be found on the JCK Magazine web site, where most columns have appeared in the last few years.
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Battery Park, New York - looking towards the Statue of Liberty
September 2007 JCK - "Green Diamonds"
Can we do something to join the green revolution and change conditions where abuses continue?
April 2009 JCK - "Hit the Reset Button"
In the depth of a major recession, some profound changes are occuring in the diamond business.
March 2008 JCK - "Reading Tea Leaves"
OK, we are headed into a financial storm.  Reatilers need to rethink how to deal with it.  Here are some thoughts.
November 2009 JCK - "Everlon - Boom or Bust"
De Beers is attempting to introduce a new "brand."  Is this effort a good attempt, and will it help business?
February 2010 JCK - "Dirty, Dirty Gold"
It is easy to attack gold mining, as CBS just did, but the truth and reality beg to differ.